Woodchurch Windmill Back in action

Feb 14, 2017

We were approached by a gentleman called Mel Bailey who had the job of replacing the gears that operate the fantail of this beautiful old Windmill.  Woodchurch Windmill is set in the countryside of Ashford, Kent.

The gears that required replacing were over 100 years old. We set about making a better smoother operating set of gears to replace it.

The project was a complete success and the following response was given by Mel Bailey once the installation had been completed.

Hi Trevor,

The gears fitted really well and it took about 3 hours to lift the fantail into position, align the gears and wedge into place. Gave it a good trial run and hopefully we now have a fully functioning mill for many years to come.

Many thanks for your help and advice, really appreciated


Mel Bailey

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