Gear Cutting

Gear cutting has long been a core activity of R & N Engineering allowing us to build up a wealth of equipment, knowledge and expertise in this area.

R&N's capacity to manufacture almost every type of gear and associated component.

The type of gear and associated parts we can produce include:

Spur Gears
Bevel Gears
Worms & Worm wheels
Splined Shafts & Serrations
Internal & External Splines
Chain Wheels & Sprockets
Timing Belt Pulleys

Any of which can be produced in a variety of materials.

Working from detailed drawings, worn or damaged existing parts, R&N Engineering manufacture all gears and associated parts to the highest standards.

If you have a gear cutting requirement and are looking for a partner who can offer years of experience and supply a quality product at the right price and on time talk to R&N Engineering